ADO Theatre - Collective Performance: STOP in Tbilisi

June 11, 2017


On Sunday 25th of June, the Azerbaijani collective “ADO Theatre-Collective” will show one of its performances “STOP”, in DIVExFabrika. 

About “ADO Theatre-Collective”: 
“ADO Theatre-Collective” is the very first independent theatre in Azerbaijan. Created in 2013 by Elmin Badalov, “ADO Theatre-Collective” is a unique stage for contemporary creation in Azerbaijan and a space for new emerging artistic and cultural practices. 
Proposing new forms and exploring new formats in performing arts, “ADO Theatre – Collective” is an exclusive place for artistic experiments and innovation. 
Initially named “ODA Theatre”, the structure proposed a repertoire of contemporary plays in Azerbaijani. In 2015, “ODA Theatre” became “ADO Theatre-Collective”, focused on creation of alternative performances, mostly without text and words, aiming to break the rules of standard plays and classical practices in living arts. 

"ADO" organizes tours of its performances in Azerbaijan and abroad: 
August 2015 - International Street Theatre Festival in Aurillac, France

August 2015 - "Tabrizim" Street Theatre Festival
June 2016 - Tour in Georgia, Tbilisi (Movement Theatre…) 

In the framework of its new tour in Tbilisi, “ADO Theatre-Collective” will play on 25th of June in DIVE, Fabrika. 

About the performance: 
They could be from the same family, brother, mother and sisters, they could be the Queen and her courtiers. That’s the madness, the chaotic injustice of this world which are shown in this performance with touches of burlesque and accents of tragic buffoonery. What happens when one person, different from the others, from the masses, suddenly wakes up, stands up and…? 

Elgun Hemidov, Aytan Aliyeva, Elsa Furtado, Iskra Tarrant, Zaur Hajizada 

Author and stage director:
Elmin Badalov 

Set designer:
Leyla Quliyeva 

To get more information about “ADO Theatre-Collective”:

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